About the Highly Restricted Data Service

Research using restricted or highly restricted data such as personal, health-related, commercial, criminal records and defence information can deliver valuable insights and real-world benefits. However, such data must be handled with the upmost care and requires secure, compliant platforms with enhanced monitoring and support. The Highly Restricted Data Service (HRDS) supports researchers in keeping their data safe by providing secure infrastructure for storing, collecting and working with restricted or highly restricted data. Support for these services is generally available M-F 9-5.

The HRDS provides a number of services to support researchers, including:

Data Safe Haven (DSH)

Secure storage and compute for processing restricted and highly restricted data

Secure Web Platforms

Hosting and custom support for project-specific, secure data platforms


Secure physical room for working with data provided via the SafePod network


Secure web application for hosting online surveys and databases

Charges for using the HRDS

Handling restricted and highly restricted data requires dedicated personnel along with enhanced monitoring and support. In order to sustain the effort required some services need to need to be charged for.

What is restricted and highly restricted data?

Data classification, security and protection