Do I need to pay for REDCap?

REDCap is currently used by a small number of researchers across FBMH and as part of the Research Lifecycle Programme we are offering this revised service to a wider audience.

All projects currently running in the old REDCap will continue to do so for free. You will not be able to request a new project in the old version of REDCap. New projects will have to be created in the new REDCap and cannot be requested without first setting up a new account and accessing it via Duo 2-factor authentication – see the How can I access REDCap? page for more advice. There will be no retrospective charge for projects created in the old REDCap.

If you need to use our REDCap build and development service, please go to the ITS Support Portal and search ‘REDCap’;  then select the drop down request type ‘survey development work’.