REDCap for external colleagues

Access can be granted for external collaborators, only if a University of Manchester staff member is involved in the survey. The REDCap license agreement states that:

If you are coordinating a multi-centre study where the PI is at your local institution, you are well within your rights to use REDCap to support the study. On the other hand, if you want to use your local REDCap installation to support researchers at another institution (for single- or multi-centre studies) where you don’t have a local researcher involved in the study, this can be a violation of the licensing agreement. Offering external research teams the use of a REDCap installation on a fee-for-service basis (or even gratis) is strictly forbidden under the licensing model.

It is vital that all users, including non-university of Manchester staff (external users of REDCap) understand their responsibility to look after the data collected within REDCap. Read more about access controls . This is required to protect our research data and our other University of Manchester IT systems.

All external users must have an IT account allocated to them by IT Services and be nominated by a University of Manchester employee (defined as somebody with a substantive post contract) before they can access REDCap. The nominator must perform this request in the IT Support Centre on the external user’s behalf and needs to complete this application form . We recommend completing this application form before you start the request in the IT Support Centre.

This process should take around 2 days, unless the external collaborator:

  • Is based internationally (outside of the UK/EU/EAA)
  • Does not have a corporate email address, for example or
  • Triggers the export control process AND you haven’t already completed this process

You can read more information about this process in the knowledge base article.