Data Safe Haven

The Data Safe Haven (DSH) provides secure storage and compute for processing restricted and highly restricted data. We can support data from various sources such as UoM-generated data or 3rd party data e.g. NHS Digital. The DSH also has secure, auditable mechanisms in place for data ingress and egress.

There are two DSH platforms: DSH Local and DSH Cloud. Both provide data storage and compute but operate slightly differently. The Highly Restricted Data Service (HRDS) Team along with the Research Governance, Ethics and Integrity (RGEIT) Team will determine the most appropriate platform depending on your project requirements and the nature of your data.

Security and Governance

Platforms hosting restricted and highly restricted data must operate within a highly secure and compliant environment, which demands enhanced monitoring, auditability and support. The DSH is secured for the management and processing of personal, sensitive and confidential information and is able to support the following types of study:

  • NHS-Digital data users who need to be NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) compliant, unless there are reasons this cannot proceed.
  • Non NHS-Digital data users who also need to be DSPT compliant, including section 251 approval.
  • Non NHS-Digital data users where the data is highly sensitive and security requirements could only be met by a DSH.
  • Defence data.

Access to the DSH is restricted to the on-campus network and some projects may be required to use the SafePod to access their data. If you would like to work with external collaborators on restricted or highly restricted data, please contact the HRDS Team for advice.


There are several pre-installed applications available for use within the DSH e.g. Jupyter, RStudio, Microsoft Office, Stata. There is some flexibility to install new software according to project requirements and subject to software licensing restrictions.


Due to the enhanced support and management required for hosting restricted and highly restricted data, the Data Safe Haven is a chargeable service. The HRDS Team can advise on costing the use of DSH into research grant applications.


Efficiency – focus your time and effort on research, rather than sourcing a secure storage & compute environment.

Ease of use – Partner with the HRDS team, trusted and experienced PS colleagues. We provide responsive, ongoing training and support for our services.

Scalability – Our DSH services offer scalable storage and compute power to ensure that we can meet your project requirements

Cost avoidance – Avoid unplanned project costs by using the personalised DSH costings provided by the HRDS team for inclusion in funding applications.

Risk reduction – Using non-approved storage & compute environments may result in a data breach. The average cost, to UoM, of investigating and resolving a data breach is in the region of £3.4 million. Once a breach has been identified, use of the data environment is frozen, leading to research delays. Our services have been developed in conjunction with the Information Governance Office (IGO), the Research Governance & Integrity team and the ITS Security team.

‘Security compliance ready’ – Because our DSH services have been designed to meet the security & compliance requirements of the most demanding data owners (e.g. NHS Digital), as well as those of the University, the HRDS team can provide you with evidence to demonstrate that our services can be trusted.